eCommerce PPC

Just marketing to your local area or word of mouth isn’t enough. A successful online business should have a PPC eCommerce program with a focus on maximizing your pay per click (PPC) and minimize your cost per click (CPC).

Our PPC for eCommerce programs are different. We focus on bringing high quality traffic from low competition keywords. You can’t and don’t want to compete with the companies who can just throw money at things and see if it works. You need to invest your money slowly and smart. We go over widely searched but low competition keywords giving you an advantage over the rest. We will setup and manage a cost per click campaign for your website that will drive quality traffic.

Starting at $100/mo

Services Include:

  • Adwords Campaign Manager
  • Keyword Analysis and Research
  • Weekly Analysis of Traffic
  • Monthly Reporting from Analytics
  • Landing Page Design
  • Analytics Tracking