socialcommerceSocial Commerce

Social Commerce is an effective method to build lasting relationships with your customers. Think about the number of people you can engage and generate revenue through. Not only your direct customers but all there friends and family as well.

Keep Your Brand Directly in your Customers View

For brands, participation in social media is no longer an option. Online retailers are seeing the benefits of promoting their eCommerce website through social media channels in what is becoming more commonly known as “Social Commerce”.

As with any type of advertising, the idea is to position your business where people go to hang out. In the real world, that usually means shopping centers. Online, that means social media channels. Referral traffic from social media channels is at an all-time high, and those numbers are continuing to grow as product pages – for brands and retailers – are readily able to be shared across social media channels.

At KWAVE, we have the expertise and experience to grow your space in the social mediaousphere, launch a detailed plan to entice more interaction, track and monitor, and even enable you to sell your products within Facebook.

Starting at $150/mo

Services Include:

  • Twitter & Facebook Account Setup & Design
  • Creation of a social marketing strategy
  • Social widget on-site implementation
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Setup of Facebook PPC System